A hot spring close to Tokyo that can be enjoyed in seclusion

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Shima Onsen is full of delights

There is so much to enjoy at Shima Onsen. Shima Onsen is a treasure trove of nature, foods, and hot springs that dates back to 989. Don't miss out on all this historic hot spring has to offer.

A hot spring that has comforted people since ancient times A hot spring that has comforted people since ancient times More
Enjoy nature at Shima Onsen Enjoy nature at Shima Onsen More
Shima then and now Shima then and now More
Cuisine unique to Shima Cuisine unique to Shima More

Nature in Shima changes with each season

water icon Enjoy the distinctive blue waters of Lake Okushima and the nature of the national park.

At this hot spring area of abundant nature, you will encounter animals and colors of all four seasons. Shima Onsen has clear stream waters and Lake Okushima, which is colored a brilliant blue hue of the likes you've never seen before. There are must-see sights in the vicinity, including cherry blossoms in the spring and autumn colors in the fall! There are also many waterfalls in Shima Onsen, which is enveloped by a landscape full of nature. One way to enjoy the area is to take a stroll after a leisurely bath in the hot spring.


Various ways to enjoy Shima Onsen

dining image
dining Dining
There is an array of eating establishments in Shima Onsen. However, you won't find any major food chains here. Instead, you can savor the meals unique to each of the restaurants. The delicious, locally grown ingredients and meals prepared with each establishment's culinary craftsmanship are sure to satisfy you.
shopping image
shopping Shopping
Sweets such as manju cakes attentively crafted by professionals and pickles prepared with local vegetables can be purchased in Shima Onsen. In addition to food, local handicrafts can also be bought. Find souvenirs you like.
Hands-on experiences image
Hands-on experiences Hands-on experiences
There is plenty of fun to be had amid nature at Shima Onsen. For example, you can go canoeing on the blue waters of the lake, or canyoning on the crystal clear river and waterfalls. Other hands-on experiences using the gifts of nature include making a wooden toy and a pottery dish of your liking. Enjoy your stay at Shima Onsen. 

A hot spring that has provided soothing comfort since ancient times

hot spring icon Shima Onsen was the first in Japan to acquire the national designation of a hot spring health resort. With 42 wellsprings, the hot spring area is known for having an ample amount of hot spring water.

Shima Onsen was established in 989. Since then, it has been used by countless visitors, many of whom have visited through generations of family. Immerse yourself in the exceptional hot spring water popular with untold numbers of visitors. The abundance of hot spring water that gushes forth can soothe all who visit.


Stay overnight in Shima Onsen

icon Every Japanese-style inn in Shima Onsen has a hot spring.

There are 36 Japanese-style inns in Shima Onsen. Every one has a hot spring, and 24 of them have a hot spring bath that can be reserved for exclusive use, allowing you to enjoy the bath in private. Come to Shima Onsen, relax in the baths, enjoy delicious foods, and get a good night's sleep to refresh your body.

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Shima Onsen is a health resort for an adult get-away that can be reached in 2 hours from Tokyo.

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